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  1. Turn your digital photos into watercolor drawings and pencil sketches.
  2. Add colors to black-and-white images and replace them.
  3. Utilize a masking tool for your Windows PC.
  4. Restore old and damaged photos from your family archive by removing scratches, stains, and other defects.
  5. Improve skin appearance and add glamour to portraits.
  6. Image detail enhancement software.
  7. Convert your photos into paintings on PC.
  8. Make use of an impressing collection of edge effects to decorate of photos.
  9. Change texture of objects in a realistic manner.
  10. Imitate the magnificence of natural phenomena on your digital photos.
  11. Create High Dynamic Range images and make photo correction on your Windows platform.
  12. Increase image resolution without visible quality loss.
  13. Collection of edge effects for decoration of photos.
  14. Framing/edging effects for digital photos.
  15. Improves sharpness in out-of-focus images.
  16. Automate inserted objects adjustment to the target image color range and smoothing its borders.
  17. Increase image resolution without visible quality loss.
  18. Create an infinite number of light effects.
  19. Apply a new texture/color to an object.
  20. Collection of brushes for photo retouching and portrait enhancement.
  21. Provide an all-in-one photo enhancement and portrait retouch solution.

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