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  1. Create test files with regular structure defined by user or imported from existing file.
  2. * Open Excel .xls/.xlsx file in this application and convert .xls/.xlsx file (transferred from e-mail) to .csv file ( When you convert .xls file to...
  3. Delete your files so others can't recover them.
  4. Add the files which you want on the list and lock all of them by just one click.
  5. Strip the attributes of your selected files.
  6. Perform file comparisons.
  7. Make your files safe as possible without losing everything.
  8. Replicate, backup, and synchronize data on your network.
  9. Convert video files between video file formats.
  10. Detect identical files on your computer.
  11. Search for hotline files quickly and easily.
  12. Browse, download, and stream files that are on your phone using a web browser via a WiFi connection.
  13. Manage your files and folders.
  14. XDownload Grab and manage pictures, files right from your iPhone!Hand-tied by Safari to download files? xDownload is your solution!xDownload is a...
  15. Convert flat file data into datasets in your custom application.
  16. Read and compare information of files.
  17. Remove private files and computer and Internet activity traces permanently.
  18. Organize and display files optimally on the small display of your Pocket PC.
  19. Transfer your files from the browser to Web server.
  20. Wipe free or unused space on the hard drive.
  21. Bluetooth Share Free: v1.1****************************************Bluetooth share tool, you can transmit images,musics,and other files on...
  22. Describe how to link legacy systems with BizTalk Server 2000.
  23. Convert your defined text-file to XML-file.
  24. Recover files and folders that were deleted.
  25. Search for files on your computer or local network.
  26. Compress JPG/JPEG files.
  27. Restore deleted files from NTFS disks.
  28. Convert various types of video formats.
  29. Find duplicate files instantly.
  30. Recover lost files.
  31. Restore, backup, and save your files and folders automatically.
  32. Modify the attributes and properties including EXIF of a batch of files or directories.
  33. Keep track of the people you meet by maintaining a log of every time you meet them, along with your own notes and easy access to the Address Book...
  34. File Store is an utility application, that helps user of iPhone to download files and save it locally in iphone. Saved files can be mailed to...
  35. Rename batches of files and folders.
  36. Jargon File is a programmer slang dictionary, containing more than 5000 not-quite-serious definitions and a number of programmer folklore anecdotes.
  37. Find files quickly, make backups, find duplicate files, make tasks.
  38. Free,Featured File manager & Appmanager & taskkiller which explores PHONE & PC.
  39. Calculate and verify major file checksum types.
  40. Split a large file into smaller files so that they can be easily copied or.
  41. Select multiple files based on a range of criteria.
  42. Resolve the "Unchecked Buffer in File Decompression Functions" security vulnerability in Windows 98.
  43. ****The only stapler in the cloud****Upload documents, staple them, and send altogether - with just a click.Twindocs is your personal archive in...
  44. Encrypt and protect your documents from unauthorized users.
  45. Find the largest files and folders.
  46. File Share allows you to send and receive files from other users through bluetooth.Send photos, videos, files and contacts easily.FEATURES- Upload...
  47. Fix all your important file associations.
  48. Merge text files into bigger one.
  49. Explore and manage files in your system.
  50. Audit and report about changes on file server and file system.
  51. View and convert MDI files to TIFF.
  52. Manage and edit your files and copy CD tracks to your hard drive.
  53. Find, view, print, e-mail, and organize pictures, multimedia, documents, database.
  54. Expand compressed NTFS files to increase your system performance.
  55. Cut or combine your files.
  56. Download the INF file for all NEC LCD monitors running on Windows 95.
  57. File manager.
  58. Manage dual directory file with zip support.
  59. File Stitcher is the easiest MP3 merging utility there is. Simply drag and drop the files you wish to merge on the application icon and click the...
  60. Develop BLOB & FILE oriented web applicatons.
  61. Encrypt and protect files so they can be securely stored or transfered.
  62. Reduce size of Gmail accounts by finding and deleting specific emails.
  63. Encrypt your files or data for better protection.
  64. Get a file hasher written in java for your PC.
  65. Protect your PC from viruses and reduce system downtime.
  66. Rename large batches of files.
  67. Record in Windows Explorer to replay copy, rename, delete, open, and zip files.
  68. Merge multiple Excel files into one master file.
  69. Bolt Downloads is a super faster downloader app ,features includeBuilt-in browserDownload and view documents like .mp4 .mp3 .doc .pdfTV Out...
  70. Remove temporary files from your PC and speed up the performance.
  71. The First To File Mobile app for iPhone allows users of the First To File EFR for Patents and Trademarks to securely and easily access case notes...
  72. Organize and manage your MP3s.
  73. Archive your files to scale down their size.
  74. Rejoin files downloaded in split format in batches.
  75. File manager file explorer file browser sdcard manager Free Advanced File Manager,It is a good tool to manager your SD card files.It is intended as...
  76. Remove files & folders without data recovery.
  77. Renumber large groups of files.
  78. Offer alternate add-ins for PDF, XPS, or other fixed-format.
  79. Copy and rename a single file to create multiple copies of that file.
  80. Convert lyrics and subtitle files between various formats.
  81. Update Access and Jet SP7.
  82. Get information about role, role services, and features and configuration settings required to install them.
  83. Provide duplicate finder, batch text finder, and text editor.
  84. Retrieve deleted files really fast.
  85. Extract file information from Jump lists in Windows 7.
  86. ILock the finest file locker and hider app.
  87. Scans files for a specific text string.
  88. Lock your files and folders to protect them from unauthorized access.
  89. Lock your privacy! Indentify intruders with photo & GPS! Secure your iPhone with unique new way.Safe your photos, music, videos, notes, credit...
  90. Save MySQL tables as text or CSV files.
  91. IPMap - IP Address Lookup Details & HTTP Wireless File Sharing with latest WorldWide IP database & FREE Monthly update. Accuracy: Over 99.8% on a...
  92. Creates fake huge files on a NTFS disk.
  93. Synchronize modified files with your FTP server.
  94. Extracts images, sounds, pattern & icons from apps.
  95. Select and extract attachments from newsgroups.
  96. Securely delete your data.
  97. Protect files/folders on both android phone and computer with password.
  98. Protect your valuable data from loses by managing and assigning scramble rules.

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