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VSTi, 17 records found:

  1. Create natural, synthetic and hybrid Choir.
  2. Sculpt new and interesting sounds by multi-samples of flutes with a Digital Signal Processing engine.
  3. Play Virtual Brass instruments on your PC.
  4. Emulate the Indian sitar.
  5. Create a wide range of Harpsichord sounds.
  6. Get a Virtual Hammond plug-in for Windows VST hosts.
  7. Provide virtual Drawbar organ, Reed organ, Harmonium, Accordion, Bandoneon and Flutina.
  8. Generate a wide range of sounds with a virtual organ VST plug-in.
  9. Emulate the acoustic grand piano at your home.
  10. Combine analog synthesis and SoundFont oscillator.
  11. Load SoundFont (SF2) instruments/drumkits.
  12. Create and manage music patterns using a VSTi plugin.
  13. Combine the functions of a sampler and vocoder.
  14. Create deep, rich, and vibrating basses.
  15. Install a virtual instrument with 300 crash and cymbal drum sounds from various studios.
  16. Allows VST instruments/effects to be standalone.
  17. Install virtual instrument with 512 techno snares.

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