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  1. Check the flow of data through computer's COM ports.
  2. Connect serial port devices over TCP/IP network or Internet.
  3. Gain access to your COM port from several applications.
  4. Share serial port devices through TCP/IP network.
  5. Modify your disk drive's Volume Serial Number.
  6. Integration interface in automation fields.
  7. Redirect data between RS232, TCP Port, virtual keyboard, and keyboard buffer.
  8. Share up to 255 serial port devices.
  9. Share data flow of one serial port between several applications.
  10. View, log, and analyze serial port activities.
  11. Communicate with any device via COM port on your PC.
  12. SCSIAdapter driver.
  13. Create serial keys for your C# .NET, VB .NET, C++ Builder, and Delphi applications.
  14. MultiFunction driver.
  15. Track software serial numbers, logins...
  16. Virtual serial port activeX control.
  17. Track software serial numbers.
  18. Driver.
  19. Ever wanted your Dogtags to read correctly?This app allows you to generate you own WW2 US Army Serial Number which you can then get stamped on your...
  20. Driver.
  21. Driver.
  22. Prints serial numbers on a size media compatible with your Windows printer.
  23. Driver.
  24. Edit and modify disk drive's volume serial number.
  25. Connect to any serial port device.
  26. SCSIAdapter driver.
  27. Data flow controller.
  28. View, log, and analyze serial port activities.
  29. HIDClass driver.
  30. SmartCardReader driver.
  31. Net driver.
  32. Ultra Serial Port Monitor,a very useful tool for working with serial ports.
  33. Manage and secure your serial keys.
  34. SmartCardReader driver.
  35. Check and debug your serial port projects.
  36. Provide data to multiple OPC Clients based on OPC Interface.
  37. The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey into the Mind of the Serial KillerJason Moss and Jeffrey KottlerGrand Central Publishing April 15, 2001Charles...
  38. Install an asynchronous communications DLL for Visual dBase that uses the Windows API.
  39. SmartCardReader driver.
  40. USB driver.
  41. Shared Ports driver.
  42. SCSIAdapter driver.
  43. Integration interface in automation fields.
  44. SmartCardReader driver.
  45. HIDClass driver.
  46. Collect data in real time to binary log file.
  47. SmartCardReader driver.
  48. Ports driver.
  49. SmartCardReader driver.
  50. SmartCardReader driver.
  51. USB driver.
  52. USB driver.
  53. Integration interface in automation fields.
  54. Install an asynchronous communications DLL that uses the Windows API.
  55. Hard work pays off for Stokes and Sidle as they close in on their suspect. The Ripper case takes a final twist as the Criminalistics unit discovers...
  56. USB driver.
  57. SmartCardReader driver.
  58. MultiPortSerial driver.
  59. Create bar code sequences in large quantities.
  60. Create bar code sequences in large quantities.
  61. USB driver.
  62. A simple, easy to use software tool that allows serial ( RS232 ) communcation to be logged.
  63. Integrate interface in automation fields.
  64. SmartCardReader driver.
  65. Another prostitute, another bonnet Grissom recognizes the killers M.O.: he is replicating the Jack the Ripper murders. With four more victims left,...
  66. MultiPortSerial driver.
  67. Monitor and control any serial port in a system.
  68. MultiFunction driver.
  69. This first book by Pennie Morehead chronicles the life of Judith, the wife of Gary Ridgway, the infamous serial killer of more than 48 women. It...
  70. SmartCardReader driver.
  71. View, test, analyze, and monitor RS-232 between two devices without physical cable.
  72. Its a race against time as Grissom, after encountering the Ripper 2.0, must rush to prevent history from repeating itself. Yet, perhaps history is...
  73. A weight and balance calculator for the Beech Bonanza A36. This calculator is for serial numbers E2111 and above (1984 and on). If your aircraft...
  74. Capture and transform serial port input to DDE input or keystrokes.
  75. MultiPortSerial driver.
  76. SCSIAdapter driver.
  77. MultiPortSerial driver.
  78. Split serial ports on a mobile device.
  79. MultiPortSerial driver.
  80. Serial port management plugin for 4th Dimension.
  81. SmartCardReader driver.
  82. MultiPortSerial driver.
  83. HIDClass driver.
  84. Log and graph data for monitoring OBDI compliant Mistubishi vehicles.
  85. HDC driver.
  86. Integration interface in automation fields.
  87. Find the serial numbers assigned to your hard drives.
  88. Following historys blueprint, Grissom, Warrick and Catherine attempt to forestall the Ripper copycat before he can strike again. Meanwhile, Stokes...
  89. Quatech_USB_Serial driver.
  90. MultiPortSerial driver.
  91. MultiPortSerial driver.
  92. When a young couple discovers a female body with multiple stab wounds and a turn-of-the-century clue lying in blood, the Las Vegas Criminalistics...
  93. SmartCardReader driver.
  94. Mouse driver.
  95. HIDClass driver.
  96. Get a Windows Standard Serial Comm library for Delphi.
  97. Compute resistor value and power consumption.
  98. Integration interface in automation fields.
  99. Mouse driver.
  100. Use a collection of asynchronous serial communications functions for Visual FoxPro.

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