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  1. Perform file comparisons.
  2. Provide utility for MySQL data comparison and synchronization.
  3. Compare text files side by side and view the differences highlighted in color.
  4. Compare and synchronize Oracle databases with ease.
  5. Provide tool for PostgreSQL database comparison and synchronization.
  6. Provide tool for InterBase/Firebird database schemas comparison and synchronization.
  7. Compare and synchronize SQL Server database schemes.
  8. Make your code work on different versions of the same database.
  9. Compare two vehicles for fuel usage and save money.
  10. Get a visual database schemes comparison or synchronization tool.
  11. Compare, synchronize & update databases structure.
  12. View data comparisons and synchronizations.
  13. Perform MySQL database shema comparison and synchronization.
  14. Compare Microsoft Excel worksheets and highlight the differences.
  15. Find audio file duplicates and similar copies. Automatically remove duplicate songs.
  16. Compare data and synchronize databases.
  17. Find and remove duplicate videos by content.
  18. Compare and synchronize InterBase/Firebird data.
  19. Get a visual database schema comparison or synchronization tool.
  20. Compare and synchronize table data and database structure.
  21. Get utility for PostgreSQL data comparison or synchronization.
  22. Compare data fields in your DBF files.

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