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  1. Create and edit your video projects.
  2. Convert video, edit 2D and 3D video, record screen, burn Blu-ray Disc, DVD, CD, split, join video.
  3. Capture screen, edit videos, and burn DVDs.
  4. Capture PC video games, screencasts, online video.
  5. Save MS PowerPoint presentations for viewing on any computer or portable device.
  6. Convert DVD & video & save for PSP.
  7. Create stunning slideshows & save them into any format & for any portable device.
  8. Convert video & audio on your Mac, save to mobile devices.
  9. Convert, record, and extract audio files from audio CDs or videos.
  10. Convert video & save to MP4.
  11. Convert video & save to 3GP.
  12. Convert video & save for iPhone.
  13. Download, convert, and save flash video from YouTube and other sharing sites.
  14. Convert video & DVD, save to mobile devices.
  15. Create video postcard, send video messages, or invitations.
  16. Convert video, rip DVD, save to MP4 for iPod at blazing speeds.
  17. Find the answer to your media library management needs.
  18. Copy and backup iPod/iPhone music and video to Mac.
  19. Convert DVD & save to MP4 format.
  20. Build your own video-sharing site.
  21. Convert DVD & save for PSP.
  22. Convert video & save for PSP.

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