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  1. Display Caller ID information on music player.
  2. Plugin for Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects allows you to animate nodes and lines.
  3. Manage your personal budget and money.
  4. Create novel and translation files on PC.
  5. Extract e-mail addresses, URL, phone numbers and fax from popular "yellow pages" directories.
  6. Get a specialized copy environment useful for data backup and data recovery applications.
  7. Download video from YouTube. Free YouTube downloader. Complete Free & Clean.
  8. Make, upload and manage YouTube videos.
  9. Download YouTube videos and increase download speeds to maximum.
  10. Create and edit various documents and spreadsheets.
  11. Verify and clean up your mailing lists.
  12. Download and convert videos from dozens of popular sites.
  13. Recover lost or corrupted data easily.
  14. Download and convert online videos.
  15. Investigate science, mathematics, computing, and technology using powerful 3D modeling.
  16. Centrally manage backups and restores of multiple systems and OSs.
  17. Download YouTube videos and increase download speeds to maximum!.
  18. Search, download, and convert streaming videos from thousands of Web sites including YouTube.
  19. Download videos from YouTube and increase download speeds by up to 500% or even more.
  20. Color Grading plug-in with a unique heads up display interface.
  21. Convert between currencies on your iPhone.
  22. Manage your own harbor by gathering resources, building ships and commanding them.
  23. Watches local and remote folders for changes then transfers them over FTP/FTPS/SFTP.
  24. Download videos from YouTube.
  25. Access iTunes library & controls from menu bar.
  26. Download and convert videos from YouTube.
  27. Download videos from YouTube.
  28. Create portrait and photo album page.
  29. Download video from YouTube easily and save them in any format you like.
  30. Save and convert YouTube videos.
  31. Yet Another Simple Password Keeper serves a very simple need; the ability to save and retrieve passwords easily, quickly, and most of all safely....
  32. Download file from youtube.
  33. You Can't Hide An Elephant In An Omelet by Bert Oldenhuis Brandon and Amy travel Southeast Asia with the idea that this beautiful region of the...
  34. Download, convert and play flv flash videos.
  35. Download and convert all your favorite YouTube music and videos.
  36. A collection of 20 sounds and 33 pictures from the classic Yogi Bear cartoon series.Be "Smarter than the average bear" and customize your iphone...
  37. Do you like Yo Mama (yo momma) Jokes? Do you like laughing?Do you like funny stuff? Are you a giant fan of "Yo Momma" and it's sequels!No this...
  38. Download, save, and play Flash Video (FLV) files from YouTube Web site.
  39. Download videos from YouTube, Metacafe, and Yahoo.
  40. Clean and repair registry to improve your PC's performance.
  41. Create audio and video CDs from various sources.
  42. Download and convert multiple files in the background without copy/paste URLs.
  43. Get FLV videos from various sites.
  44. Download and converrt YouTube video in single or batch mode.
  45. Download and convert videos from YouTube.
  46. Use a queueable YouTube downloader to download mp4.
  47. Download YouTube movies and watch them with your Windows Mobile device.
  48. Convert FLV to AVI movie and video.
  49. Do you know where YOU are from?You know you are from Daytona if you think the last 4 words to the national anthem are gentlemen start your engines!...
  50. Download all video from YouTube.
  51. Create live animated wallpapers to any Android device - GIF to LWP apk.
  52. Download YouTube videos to PC with ease.
  53. Download YouTube videos with a click of a button.
  54. Download your favorite YouTube videos.
  55. YouTube Downloader is a simple tool useful to download any video from YouTube to SD card.YouTube Downloader is very easy to useInstructions for use...
  56. Download videos.
  57. Download YouTube movies and convert to all popular formats.
  58. Net driver.
  59. Create slideshows, banners, albums designed for children and parents.
  60. Rip videos from YouTube and convert them between formats.
  61. A simple calculator with percent button.
  62. The famous Yummy Or Not game is now available as an application!There are already more than 15 million registered users all over the world!The idea...
  63. Get the best Yo Papa jokes. Funny collection of the best Yo Papa Jokes like yo Papa so fat, yo Papa so ugly, yo Papa so poor and much more.-Email...
  64. Add date watermark and resize JPG pictures.
  65. Search and download YouTube videos.
  66. Can you copy the patterns on the snow?Yellow Snow has 25 images of varying complexity to trace. Challange yourself on harder difficulty levels: -...
  67. A Yo Gabba Gabba inspired sound board. This free soundboard features sounds from DJ Lance Rock, Plex, Muno, Foofa, Brobee and Toodee! Bonus...
  68. This is not just a childrens book, its a mesmerizing, full color, Play App that catapults your child into a safe and loving environment filled with...
  69. Welcome to Yots hair We are an Adelaide based hairdressing salon, servicing over 2500 clients. Its our mission to provide our clients with cutting...
  70. Med YouSee TV Guide til din iPhone fr du det store overblik over hvad du skal se i fjernsynet den kommende uge. 7 dages overblik over mere end 100...
  72. Record video and images from Web cam.
  73. Download and save original video files.
  74. Download YouTube videos and convert to multiple formats including, M4A, FLV, MP4, AVI, and MOV.
  75. Play and save captured FLV files on your hard drive.
  76. Y-cam Solutions Ltd, the award winning network camera manufacturer, presents this FREE app for iPhone, giving you a quick and easy way to view your...
  77. Brings quick and easy drag & drop uploads to your Desktop using FTP/FTPS/SFTP.
  78. Remove applications from your system completely.
  79. Yoics camera viewer provides an easy and elegant way to view live feeds from your web cam or select Yoics enabled IP cameras. Web cameras for...
  80. Stay connected with our iPad application! Check out your personal data and prepare your next session on the go! Find the best programs to achieve...
  81. Convert YouTube videos to some common videos.
  82. Reveal the real Stanwick Legacy.
  83. Net driver.
  84. Listen to the computer reading aloud any text, or convert text to MP3 files.
  85. Net driver.
  86. Yxplayer is the Fastest Android video player that can play Mpeg1/2/4, DivX/Xvid, WMV. Share Music/Video with Windows Media Player now with UPNP....
  87. If you can't live without Fantasy Football, then you belong with us. Download the Yahoo! Fantasy Football app onto your iPhone or iPad to get...
  88. Manage bug submitting and tracking tasks with ease.
  89. Play Fantasy Basketball game on your Android device.
  90. Net driver.
  91. Fix and clean your Registry.
  92. Net driver.
  93. Synchronize your PC's clock with several time servers.
  94. YouDispatch is a Taxi, Limousine, and Shuttle mobile dispatch app. It allows companies to dispatch calls fairly and efficiently to their drivers...
  95. Yamatabi logger.
  96. ABOUT YESTERDAY SONGBOOKYesterday is based on the Lennon/McCartney song classic. Follow a boy as he reminisces all the great experiences he had...
  97. Convert video files into MP3 format.
  98. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ***Over 3 million download ***This app is a must-have music video player Enjoy your Free music
  99. Make you and your friends sparkle like a vampire in the sun!Take photos of your friends and magically make them sparkle and glow!Show your...


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