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  1. Share your computer's Internet connection with other devices by creating a secure wireless hotspot.
  2. Mathematics teaching and visualization tool.
  3. TVMOBiLi DLNA media streamer.
  4. Update your Toshiba Laptop drivers automatically.
  5. Develop and manage Oracle databases on your Windows PC.
  6. See objects from any database on a server instance and display detailed information for each object.
  7. Get a powerful yet easy-to-use DVD, Blu-ray and AVCHD authoring software.
  8. IT IS FREE, IT IS USEFUL. DOWNLOAD IT!"TacticalPad has improved my work a lot. It enhances my communication with the players in pre-game...
  9. Clean, optimize and speed up your Mac.
  10. Convert, edit and compress your digital video for use on your favorite devices.
  11. Manage your Internet and home media and create your personalized lineup of channels.
  12. Optimize your Internet connection for faster downloads for dialup and DSL/cable.
  13. Use audio recording software with wide editing and sound processing capabilities.
  14. Multiplex and demultiplex video files, edit video frames and audio tracks.
  15. Prepare and send out bulk e-mail like newsletters or personalized ads.
  16. Versatile text editor.
  17. Create and print tickets for various events.
  18. Manage various activities and accounting in cyber cafes.
  19. Count pages in PDF and TIFF.
  20. Create high-quality data models and easily and accurately deploy changes to data structures.
  21. Build timeline charts automatically with no need to draw.
  22. Host multipoint HD video conferences in LAN or Internet.
  23. Traffic shaping & bandwidth management.
  24. Access Macintosh disks, floppys, CDs, DVDs, and DMG files from a Windows PC.
  25. Calculator with tape, displays converter, tax keys.
  26. This Book Is Not Good For YouPseudonymous BoschLittle, Brown Young ReadersSeptember 1 2009Between the pages of this book lies the secret to the...
  27. Receive and send e-mails, manage your contacts, and view your appointments from your company's exchange server.
  28. Design and print tickets, coupons, labels, and forms.
  29. Make music and photos you publish to DVR on home network.
  30. Match tokens to unlock incredible riches in The Treasures of Montezuma 3! With over 200 levels, amazing visual effects, explosive audio, and...
  31. Map keyboard and/or mouse to your gamepad or joystick.
  32. Cut and join MP3 and OGG files.
  33. Facilitate DB2 application development.
  34. Thimble - tweet away on your thumbs! Thumb Keyboard Thimble lets you tweet while you're holding your iPad upright with two hands, and typing with...
  35. Write NTFS files from a Mac computer. 64-bit support.
  36. Access your Macs remotely.
  37. Open any application, document, folder or an Internet page, by your voice commands.
  38. Convert GIF files to SWF files and extract GIF image serial in bulk.
  39. Print from a remote desktop session to your local printer.
  40. If you can browse, you can beam!Twonky Beam provides you with a simple and familiar way to discover and enjoy Internet videos with your tablet or...
  41. "TacticalPad has improved my work a lot. It enhances my communication with the players in pre-game presentations." - Jorginho, Kashima Antlers Head...
  42. Let your child learn to type on an exciting adventure on Typer Island.
  43. Split and merge TIFF images.
  44. Timer Pro Professional offers industrial time study on iPad.Any number of time study templates can be used in the application to cover all your...
  45. Do not buy this app unless you are a professional piano technician. This is a professional tool that produces a custom piano tuning for any piano....
  46. Record any flight to review, analyze, and understand what has really happened.
  47. Provide a development user interface that improves productivity.
  48. It's late and little Ginger is getting ready for bed.
  49. Basic font editor for students, hobby typographers and creative pros.
  50. SALE - 75% OFF FOR LIMITED TIME Create stunning picture collages on your iPhone and iPod touch. Setup a collage with a prominent center picture,...
  51. Create the high quality real-time animation.
  52. Schedule and chart your sports tournaments.
  53. Explore the creative possibilities of mixing with this full-featured DJ software.
  54. Provide Charting Component Library for Delphi, C++Builder, RAD Studio, FireMonkey.
  55. Record all or part of your calls.
  56. Remote control computers via the Internet and display your own screen.
  57. Create animations and interactive content in HTML5.
  58. Import transaction or list data to QuickBooks with a simple wizard interface.
  59. Schedule various PC actions like shutdown, sleep, wake up, or play audio in an easy way.
  60. Explore and experiment with 29 effects and over 200 presets on your digital images.
  61. Schedule your day, month, week,multi-day, multi-resource, and timeline.
  62. Explore creative possibilities of digital mixing.
  63. Video/audio test instruments for After Effects.
  64. Detect notes and interpret music recordings.
  65. Manage cricket information and computerize cricket scoring.
  66. Manage your schedules, tasks, files, notes, and other personal data.
  67. Receive and transmit radio messages via a sound card.
  68. Track the results of your players across multiple games in your tournament and store all of the information online.
  69. Stop viruses and spyware automatically before they reach your computer.
  70. Dictate to docs, play PC Games, operate iTunes, control your PC, API, all by talking to your PC.
  71. Tekla BIMsight Note for fast communicationUse your iPhone or iPad to take part in BIM workflow!Tekla BIMsight Note is a purpose-built tool for...
  72. Totaling the match points and scores at the end of a match can be a chore. This app will allow you to simply enter in the information for each hand...
  73. Convert MP3, CDA, WAV, WMA, AMR and 30 other file types, and change the bit rate.
  74. Backup and recover, and synchronize your files in a simple and reliable way.
  75. Play your favorite audio media and sing your favorite karaoke songs.
  76. Cut AVI, MPEG, VOB, WMV, ASF, RM, RMVB, 3GP, and MP4 files into several segments.
  77. Improve your speaking skills for TOEFL exam.
  78. Monitor and analyze multi-computer activity and Internet usage.
  79. Get prepared TOEFL iBT listening, speaking, and writing sections.
  80. Use all your local scanners on your remote desktop.
  81. Match tokens to unlock incredible riches in The Treasures of Montezuma 3!.
  82. Capture, edit, and convert video files in AVI, WMV or FLV format.
  83. Protect contents of the Trash & restore emptied Trash.
  84. Scan and fix your PC errors to improve overall performance.
  85. Create high-quality panoramas from a set of overlapping digital images.
  86. Convert AVI,MPEG,MOV,FLV,ASF,WMV,3GP,3G2,SWF to AMV video format.
  87. Multitrack tablature editor.
  88. Organize your music collection by editing and repairing MP3, AAC, WMA, and OGG ID tags.
  89. Batch split thousands of TIFF files into TIFF or image formats like jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, gif & emf.
  90. Avoid writing low-level code with this telephone programming component.
  91. Keep track of time-in and time-out of employees, students, or patients.
  92. Provide 100% Managed C#.NET Charting Control with full C# sourcecode available.
  93. Establish transcription system on your PC.
  94. Link and search your ideas, files, and Web pages the way you think.
  95. Generate photorealistic landscape images and animations.
  96. Edit, format, organize, store, search, and encrypt different kinds of data.
  97. Replace standard Windows Explorer desktop with customizable touch-optimized user interface.
  98. Uncover passwords hidden behind asterisks.
  99. Get a native Excel report and file generation and manipulation componet for VCL and LCL.
  100. Tool to catalog files and pictures on CDs, disks, etc.


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