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  1. Increase PC volume above maximum.
  2. Design and print RFID and bar code labels.
  3. Automatically create videos and do detailed editing.
  4. Type in Hindi on Windows PC.
  5. Convert PowerPoint to video in all format, such as PowerPoint to AVI, MP4, etc.
  6. Exclude access to your sensitive data for unauthorized users.
  7. Clean and complete iTunes music files effectively.
  8. Minimize Boolean and propositional functions up to 24 variables step by step using Karnaugh maps.
  9. Monitor your software and operating system licenses.
  10. Enable your applications with human faces detection and facial features recognition.
  11. Convert videos and audios from popular formats and burn video to Blu-ray and DVD.
  12. Create pixel font data for LCD.
  13. Convert AVCHD/MOD/TOD/MTS/M2TS to AVI, MP4, WMV formats.
  14. Lottery analysis & prediction.
  15. Burn video to DVD and Blu-ray disc on Mac, with various menu templates and video/3D video effects.
  16. Repair corrupted Exchange databases and manage all the accounts.
  17. Monitor and analyze the data sent across your LAN.
  18. Create laser shows.
  19. Ceci est une application de liste d'picerie accompagnant le logiciel "Le collectionneur de recettes" pour PC.-Crez rapidement votre liste de...
  20. Use a SMS-style typing tool to simplify typing in 18 Indian languages.
  21. View planet Earth from space.
  22. Record all activities on your PC secretly.
  23. Detect apps that establish outgoing Internet connections.
  24. Type in Marathi on Windows PC.
  25. Make the church presentations.
  26. Get the real estate property management software.
  27. Type in Assamese using a regular English keyboard.
  28. .
  29. View and edit images in a variety of file formats.
  30. Use a word processor specially designed for authors, screenwriters, and poets.
  31. Add contacts to your database automatically and save time.
  32. Provide physical network topology discovery, and visualization.
  33. Controle remoto para o software Lumikit SHOW, permite o controle dos faders, botes e PAD. Utiliza o protocolo UDP para enviar os dados para o...
  34. Convert videos between all popular video formats and into popular audio files.
  35. Monitor Oracle software in real-time.
  36. Structure-focused pharmacophore modeling.
  37. Create your own logo with over 500 pre-designed logo templates and 2500 graphic objects.
  38. Lucky Cash Out is a very popular virtual gambling game with exquisite graphics that users can enjoy. Feel the tension and frenzied atmosphere of a...
  39. Type in Bengali using a regular English keyboard.
  40. Exchange messages accross your office LAN using special, business oriented software.
  41. Remake of Risk board game with net play & lots of maps.
  42. Print your numbers on bet slips, generate wheeling systems, and pick winning numbers.
  43. Type in Punjabi in Windows Applications.
  44. Recover Excel password or password protected file.
  45. Transfer files using FTP, FXP, FTP+SSL, SSH/SFTP, or HTTP.
  46. Schedule events and plans for your school, college, or training center activities.
  47. Structure focused Pharmacophore models on your system.
  48. Perform classical analysis of laminated composite plates.
  49. Learn how to type using a visual method.
  50. Free PowerPoint to video converter, convert PowerPoint files to WMV & ASF for free.
  51. "LogTen Pro is my favorite aviation app!"- Jeffrey Robert Moss, CEO of Flying Like the Pro's and 2010 CFI of the year LogTen Pro 6 is incredible!...
  52. LanSchool v7.7 classroom management software is an award winning software program designed to help teachers teach more effectively in a...
  53. Monitor, analyze, and manage a network.
  54. Convert PowerPoint to Blu-ray/DVD and PowerPoint to video.
  55. Rip Blu-ray discs to HD and common video formats.
  56. Professional virtual synthesizer.
  57. Booking software with reservation schedule for hotels, motels, guesthouses ...
  58. Determine optimum lottery playing strategies by using neural network techniques.
  59. Get a PDF document security application with PDF DRM copy, print, and expiry controls.
  60. Gather, analyze data from LabPro & Vernier sensors.
  61. Updated version of the original computer lab tool.
  62. Church presentation software.
  63. Add copy protection features to Microsoft Excel workbooks.
  64. Calculate component sales for electronic circuits.
  65. Dictionary contains around 60,000 entries (66,000 headwords and phrases).
  66. Log into your computer quickly with face recognition login software.
  67. Edit video, audio, image in timeline panel with special effects.
  68. Convert videos and audios from popular formats and burn video to DVD.
  69. Create professional looking eBay templates.
  70. Manage and organize your recipes into cookbooks.
  71. Translate 800000 headwords amd expressions from German into English and vice-versa.
  72. Ensure that deleted files cannot be recovered.
  73. Learn Spanish with ease with
  74. Translate 365,000 headwords and expressions from German into English and vice-versa.
  75. Secure your Internet connections and unblock Web sites.
  76. Convert video, download YouTube videos, rip and create Blu-ray/DVD.
  77. "Legends of Atlantis: Exodus is an enjoyable experience from beginning to end." -- Gamezebo, 4/5 starsAtlantis is sinking. Massive tidal waves are...
  78. Allow you to transfer published collections and contained photos from one catalog to another.
  79. Modify your photos based on traditional darkroom techniques.
  80. Read and write Excel files in C or C++ and C#.
  81. Translate applications, Web pages, and documents from English into Hebrew.
  82. Play various lottery games on your PC.
  83. Keep updated with Lexi-Comp's trusted clinical knowledge.
  84. Login to your PC by simply looking into a webcam.
  85. Encrypt and protect Flash SWF files from being hacked.
  86. Analyzes the previous drawings and picks the best lottery numbers to play.
  87. Retrieve the product keys and serials for your OS and programs.
  88. Type in Arabic on Windows PC.
  89. Download YouTube video and FLV files from various video Web sites.
  90. Generate lottery picks and track your results.
  91. Get professional hint on lottery line building.
  92. Professional sample synthesizer (VST plug-in).
  93. Luxor Deluxe HERE!!! Zuma style game. Mysterious background music, ancient myths game style,beautiful game pictures, this is a good game for young...
  94. Cut and convert video and audio files easily.
  95. Establish secure direct connections to computers that are not accessible otherwise.
  96. Mac SWF Compressor and Mac Flash Optimizer to compress SWF files by up to 70%.
  97. Recover data files of sorts from Mac hard drive and storage devices.
  98. Over 4000 five-star reviews for this UniDict dictionary engine around the world - thanks Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (5th Edition)-...
  99. Install logging and traffic analysis software for routers running DD-WRT, Tomato firmwares.
  100. Use the intelligent automatic timetabling algorithm for efficient timetable construction.


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