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  1. Convert an unusable OST file to working PST file.
  2. Protect your PC against viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, rootkits, and bots.
  3. Keep your PC protected from all Internet threats, never slowing down your performance.
  4. Bring more than 120 advanced functions to Excel.
  5. Create a song from scratch, import any karaoke song, and fine-tune CD+G tracks.
  6. Encrypt your Internet connection for security purpose.
  7. Receive, log, display, and forward Syslog messages from hosts.
  8. Surf the Web, change the music and customize game controls with a wireless X-box controller.
  9. Bring more than 100 advanced functions to Word 2003, 2007 and 2010.
  10. Convert OLM files to PST in easy steps.
  11. Create, play, modify, and synchronize your karaoke files.
  12. Repair corrupt .PST files effortlessly.
  13. Corrupt SQL recovery software to recover data from .mdf files.
  14. Monitor and protect your child from offensive Web sites.
  15. Create e-mail invoices, do subscription billing, and track customer's contacts.
  16. Configure and manage routers, switches and firewalls.
  17. Repair corrupt PDF files with expedient PDF repair tools.
  18. Recover files from damaged, inaccessible VHD drives.
  19. Provide a safe Internet browser for your family for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
  20. Various learning games for children.
  21. Manage all your booking/reservation tasks.
  22. Protect your computer and network from viruses, malware, spyware, and hacker attacks.
  23. Remap/disable keys on keyboard.
  24. Design a chart for cross stitching.
  25. Extract text even from heavily damaged MDB files.
  26. Kids' artwork program with iLife integration.
  27. Perform different tests to train and enhance your tying skills.
  28. Manage unified threat and control user internet activity.
  29. Paint with the paint bucket, paint brush and magic brush. Download over 300 fun coloring pages.
  30. Compress and compact large PST files without causing any hampering the data integrity.
  31. Create karaoke song from scratch, insert pictures, and mix them with text.
  32. Secure your portable media and hide its content.
  33. Play Mahjongg Solitaire in 2D or 3D mode.
  34. Create impressive word document, spreadsheet and presentation compatible with Microsoft Office.
  35. Recover your corrupted MS Excel documents.
  36. Manage karaoke files and correct title errors.
  37. Understand your life events through astrology.
  38. Turn your computer into a professional Midi MP3 CDG Video Karaoke Machine.
  39. Curve fitting & data analysis graphing tool.
  40. Build the Email and collaboration server for SMB.
  41. Get suggestions for the most useful shortcut based on your daily routines.
  42. Kaspersky PURE 2.0 delivers everything to protect your PCs, identity, passwords, photos.
  43. Choose a KAR or MIDI file and sing to your favorite tune.
  44. Convert Outlook PST of to Notes NSF with Kernel for PST to NSF.
  45. Kudos 2 is a life-simulation strategy game. Kudos is the original inspiration for the game SimSocial by EA. Kudos is a turn-based game that puts...
  46. Preview and calculate distance of tracks, import CSV and KML files, and export KML and GPX files.
  47. Turn your exercise bike, treadmill or rower into a powerful and fun fitness device. Just choose among the geolocated videos of Kinomap and train!...
  48. Manage karaoke play lists and HD/DVD/VCD movie contents.
  49. Detect, clean trojan viruses, and protect your computer.
  50. Convert your MS Word documents into PDF format.
  51. With KeyGen it is very simple to first create secure passwords and then easily remember these passwords without storing them. It is your written...
  52. Send and receive Unicode long SMS with the support of VC++, VB, VB.NET, C#, Delphi.
  53. Change songs' speed, remove the vocals without changing the structure of the song.
  54. Add multiple PST files without any issue.
  55. Provide Chinese English two way dictionary.
  56. Export e-mails from GroupWise maiboxes to Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes.
  57. :: The Next Generation of Karaoke Applications Has Arrived! :: * "I've been waiting for this since I got my...
  58. Create and record your own songs without possessing musical knowledge.
  59. Create your own MP3 Karaoke, change tempo and key, personalize appearance.
  60. Create your own CD+G karaoke tracks.
  61. Protect yourself against phone theft, data loss and misuse, or privacy violation.
  62. The Next Generation of Karaoke Applications Has Arrived! * Karaoke Anywhere HD is the world's first and only...
  63. Create, open, edit, and save documents using standard Microsoft Office types of files.
  64. Transform your IPhone into a Karate Scoreboard. Karate Scoreboard is the perfect way to keep kumite scores when training in your dojo and at a...
  65. Perform different tests to train and enhance your tying skills.
  66. Detect and remove rootkit malware on your PC.
  67. Recover corrupted Microsoft Word documents.
  68. Create your face model and login simply and conveniently using face recognition.
  69. Create your own knitting patterns and publish them as PDF files.
  70. Repair XLS files.
  71. Anti-Virus for Mac delivers real-time protection.
  72. Klink is a utility by Faveset LLC for connecting a PC or Mac to your Android device over USB. It focuses on simplicity and gets the job done with a...
  73. Perform different tests to train and enhance your tying skills.
  74. Protect your workstations from spyware, viruses, and malicious programs.
  75. Kaspersky Tablet Security protects your tablet and any personal information.
  76. Extract part of video and save it in the same or different format.
  77. Create, view, edit and share word, spreadsheet and presentation documents.
  78. Diagnose files with antivirus and anti-spyware scanners in real time.
  79. Convert all popular video formats to LG Optimus 3D Max MP4 video.
  80. Create, edit and save office files.
  81. IPhone4, 4s player for Russian IP television service Katrina TV. Requires paid subscription to the Kartina TV service. - more then 100 Russian TV...
  82. Optimize speed and collect all pertinent information necessary for you business.
  83. Assign your hotkeys.
  84. Monitor and record user activity on your PC.
  85. Convert NSF file to PST file.
  86. Rip, mix, play & burn CD+G karaoke discs, manage rotations.
  87. Access a free telnet server for Windows NT.
  88. Retrieve VBA project file passwords.
  90. Open and view standalone EDB file.
  91. Secure your business with real-time protection, easy central management, and scheduled backup & encryption.
  92. Recover password of Outlook Express e-mail accounts quickly and effectively.
  93. Convert NSF file into PST file.
  94. :: The Next Generation of Karaoke Applications Has Arrived! :: * "I've been waiting for this since I got my...
  95. Manage syslog messages from syslog enabled devices.
  96. Create multimedia presentations and slideshows.
  97. Process documents and save them in various formats.
  98. Cun sch c th d dng c c bi mt ngi 41 tui hay mt a b 14 tui. N tht xut sc v lay ng lng ngi.... l nhng li m bo ch M dnh cho Kira - Kira, tiu thuyt ot...
  99. Scan and protect your PC from viruses and spyware.
  100. Hackmaster extension.


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