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  1. Crack MS Excel document passwords in multiple documents with a single click.
  2. Convert EPUB, PDF, AZW, MOBI eBooks to other formats, EPUB to PDF, PDF to EPUB, EPUB to mobi.
  3. Insert images into Excel spreadsheets with ease.
  4. Cut and convert video files to AVI, MPG, WMV, MOV, QT, MP4, 3GP, RM, FLV, and SWF formats.
  5. Information & DLL registration for Windows.
  6. Supply graphical tool for PostgreSQL DB Server administration and development.
  7. Extract essential information available in BlackBerry backups.
  8. Unlock password-protected PDF files.
  9. Set videos, images, or desktop screens as your Webcam output and add effects to it.
  10. Create, customize, and print various ID cards.
  11. Cut and split your WAV and MP3 files without affecting their quality.
  12. Provide tool for InterBase and Firebird administration and development.
  13. Improve your chances to win in a lotto game.
  14. Unlock Excel files and decrypt their content.
  15. Recover and repair corrupted MS Access databases.
  16. Manage your business accounting and billing information.
  17. Make free space on your Mac.
  18. Design, document, construct, and manage object-oriented software systems.
  19. YouTube downloader for Mac.
  20. Find and remove duplicate files, photos, songs, or e-mails easily.
  21. Calculate payroll taxes, print paychecks, print tax forms for small businesses and accountants.
  22. Get a dual/multi channel FFT real-time audio analysis application.
  23. Decompile Flash files and convert SWF to FLA.
  24. Recover e-mail messages from Mozilla Thunderbird.
  25. Recover lost files and partitions for free.
  26. Monitor connection to network hosts and send messages on lost or restore events.
  27. Create Sankey diagrams.
  28. Convert JS, VBS, and BAT files into executable files.
  29. Converts ePub, HTML, XML files to PDF file.
  30. Convert any setup.exe to the Windows Installer file (MSI).
  31. 3rd installment of the Escape Velocity game.
  32. Fit probability distributions to your reliability data and analyze the results.
  33. Backup and restore Microsoft Excel files with ease.
  34. Recover lost or forgotten Excel workbook or worksheet passwords.
  35. With Eurosport Players application you can start watching top live sporting action, immediately, wherever you are.The application itself is free,...
  36. Add TWAIN-based scanning or image capture to any application.
  37. Make your application display and interact with Microsoft Office files.
  38. Additional features for many emulators.
  39. Solve new jigsaw puzzles every day.
  40. Solution for hotel.
  41. Express Rip Plus is a CD ripper extracts digital audio tracks directly from a CD to your PC.
  42. IPod Music & Radio player with integrated Equalizer.EQ 10 reads the content of your iPod Music library and processes it through a great sounding...
  43. Create and manage zipped, archived, and compressed files.
  44. Database publishing plugin for Adobe InDesign.
  45. Merge several PDF files into one, split PDF in three different ways.
  46. Restore e-mails and attaches from Outlook.
  47. Share Internet connection within the LAN easily.
  48. Compile your own digital information products.
  49. Create your own audio projects.
  50. Search and recover damaged excel files.
  51. Evaluate and improve ergonomics in workplaces.
  52. Convert XML to Microsoft Excel, Text, HTML, Microsoft Access.
  53. Restore e-mails and attaches from Outlook Express.
  54. Share large files, photos, movies, videos, and MP3s easily through a Web browser.
  55. Record any sound in real-time.
  56. Do format recovery, unformat and recover deleted files, or data loss due to partition loss or damage.
  57. Manage and develop your databases.
  58. Design, write, and print personalized checks with logo from laser printer on blank check paper.
  59. Configure and manage disk partitions, move, resize, copy and recover hard disk drive partitions.
  60. Protect your system against viruses.
  61. Recover deleted files and recover data from formatted/lost partitions.
  62. Manipulate sound in a sequenced manner.
  63. Demultiplex and decode streaming video from the Web or local disc.
  64. Get a CAM Software for 3D milling of STL models.
  65. Delete all metadata tags about the image, camera, photographer and location.
  66. Recover e-mail messages from corrupted or lost DBX files in a few clicks.
  67. Track your GPS waypoints and view topography maps and aerial photos.
  68. Recover accidentally deleted photos from storage devices.
  69. Convert English sentences to Hindi and vice-versa.
  70. Save outlook attachments for your PC.
  71. Convert plain Java SE, Eclipse RCP, and Tomcat Web applications into native Windows executable.
  72. Migrate mailbox and address book from Lotus Notes to Outlook.
  73. Hide any window or system tray icon instead of closing it.
  74. Recover Mac data easily.
  75. Send HTML or text e-mails using your .NET framework applications.
  76. Estimate materials and labor and prepare various site management documents.
  77. Manage your task, appointments, and contacts on PC.
  78. You can download a copy of the manual from http: www eon com hk estroke eStrokeIOS pdfRecommended by the Hong Kong Education Department for Stroke
  79. Take Bing maps images automatically into your PC.
  80. Create multi-boot, menu driven CDs, and DVDs.
  81. Recover deleted files or folders.
  82. Use your mobile as a free personal trainer and fitness partner! Using the built-in GPS, Endomondo Sports Tracker tracks your fitness - running,...
  83. Read Microsoft HTML Help files on your PC.
  84. Convert digital photos into slideshows, DVD movies, digital collage to share them on TV and PC.
  85. Model 3D buildings, design their interiors, and landscape surroundings.
  86. Store Internet and network configuration settings and switch between location profiles easily.
  87. Transfer data to and from CNC memory.
  88. Import data from MS Excel, MS Access, DBF, TXT, CSV, and XML files to PostgreSQL.
  89. Share up to 255 serial port devices.
  90. Remove individual Exif tags or to strip Exif data entirely.
  91. Create professional, ready-to-print barcode graphics.
  92. Import data from MS Excel, MS Access, DBF, TXT, CSV, and XML files to InterBase or Firebird.
  93. Provide a complete solution for SQL Server administration and database development.
  94. Manage point-of-sale system for your store.
  95. Create CHM Help or e-book files by importing folders and all sub folders.
  96. Browse the Earth's surface with amazing imagery and extensive geographical information.
  97. Convert Exchange database and export to Outlook file.
  98. Handle payments and create invoices using an Excel spreadsheet with built-in computations.
  99. Record and manage contact information.


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