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  1. Identify, locate, and update your computer drivers.
  2. Scan, update, and download drivers and utilities for your Windows PC.
  3. Open and extract files from Disk Image DMG files from a Mac directly on a Windows PC.
  4. Create, edit, and view DWG files.
  5. Capture stop frame animation, motion design and special effects.
  6. Monitor communication between serial devices or test serial communication of one device.
  7. Restore all information from your corrupted or lost partitions and virtual disks.
  8. Capture stop-motion animation, motion design and special effects.
  9. Design PCB layouts with an auto router and exchange designs and libraries with other automation tools.
  10. Create customized ID cards incorporate with text, logos, picture, barcode.
  11. Design, implement, and edit SQL queries of your database.
  12. Convert your DGN files to DWG format.
  13. Transmit thousands of text messages from your mobile phone connected to PC.
  14. Tune your own piano professionally with ease.
  15. Recover corrupted MS Word documents.
  16. Decompile Java class files and save them in text or other formats.
  17. Access partitions formatted in non-Windows file systems, such as Ext2 or Ext3.
  18. Check for plagiarism in articles, patents, books, essays, term papers quickly and easily.
  19. Convert a design from Photoshop to WordPress CMS theme / HTML/CSS/PHP code.
  20. Send multiple SMS messages for free, using your PC and Android mobile phone.
  21. SYSTEM driver.
  22. Save time tuning accordions, measure up to 3 reeds simultaneous.
  23. Find and remove duplicate video files in various formats, scales, and bitrates.
  24. Remove limitations from your protected video and audio.
  25. Keep your hardware drivers up-to-the-date.
  26. Convert PDFs to MS Word, Excel, OpenOffice, Image, HTML, and CSV files.
  27. Turn your PC into a professional DJ tool set.
  28. Recover lost or deleted data on disks.
  29. Create, view, edit, export, and import DBF databases to other formats.
  30. Pose, animate, and render 3D Models in your own 3D Studio.
  31. Create your own DVD database and share it with others.
  32. Your challenge is to cut as much Balls as you can while avoiding the dangerous bombs. If you slash multiple Balls in one move you'll be awarded...
  33. Repair damaged disks and corrupted partitions, recover files, and data, and deleted files.
  34. Expand and arrange your windows and icons across up to six desktops.
  35. Detect the type of original RAID array and recover corrupted RAID arrays.
  36. Provide SQL code autocompletion and formatting for SQL Server Management Studio.
  37. Recover data from your hard drive.
  38. See the position of the satellites on your Android device.
  39. Create and run automated serial communication protocols tests.
  40. Recover deleted MS SQL Databases and repair damaged SQL Databases.
  41. Maintain, manage, and optimize storage.
  42. Stop typing in information using the mobile phone's keypad.
  43. Restore and backups corrupted Outlook Express DBX files.
  44. Search text files to find duplicate lines.
  45. Save your iPhone SMS text messages to your computer.
  46. Scan and update the DELL Drivers installed on your Windows machine.
  47. 2D CAD product to create, edit and view DWG files.
  48. Place video wallpapers on your desktop.
  49. Copy entire hard drive or partition, transfer Windows and backup important data.
  50. Build your own 3D scanner using a Web cam and laser and scan objects inexpensively.
  51. Connect to different databases through JDBC drivers.
  52. Manage and maintain Microsoft DirectX components.
  53. Allow modification of local variables and other names for easy code decompilation.
  54. Protect an limit access to your hard drive.
  55. Recover files deleted from the Recycle Bin or lost because of virus attack.
  56. Design high resolution invitation, birthday or business cards and labels.
  57. Convert DWG, DXF, and DWF files into raster images on your PC.
  58. Remove any type of Outlook duplicates.
  59. Design flowcharts, diagrams, schemes, plans, and family trees.
  60. Recover lost or damaged data from MySQL databases.
  61. Convert multiple DWG files to PDF.
  62. Convert MIDI files to MP3, WMA, OGG, and WAV format.
  63. Create, customize, and print CD and DVD labels.
  64. Make eBrochures, eBooks, and other ePresentations, create quizzes, exams, tests, forms, and surveys.
  65. Monitor your machine's health diagnostics, repair, and recovery solution.
  66. Renovate your lost C++Builder project sources.
  67. Perform two way conversions from SQLite databases to MySQL server.
  68. USB driver.
  69. Design PCB layouts with an auto router or manual routing.
  70. Recovery your AutoCAD DWG files.
  71. Sculpt new and interesting sounds by multi-samples of flutes with a Digital Signal Processing engine.
  72. Generate complete DDL scripts to create your database or generate database directly.
  73. Send thousands of SMS messages simultaneously, using your PC and mobile phone.
  74. Detect identical files on your computer.
  75. Repair corrupted or damaged DBF files on your PC.
  76. Send and receive SMS messages from http, e-mail, an SQL database or script.
  77. Desktop-Reminder is a FREEWARE task planner with 12 month calendar and reminder.
  78. Find and recover lost or deleted Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  79. Create original 9O9 sounds on your PC.
  80. In Dog Story your children will meet many adorable dogs in their loveable surroundings. Interact with them to learn important concepts, ideas and...
  81. Recover files lost during CD/DVD recording.
  82. Recover email and repair damaged Access databases.
  83. Detect, download, backup, restore, and uninstall Drivers.
  84. Send SMS messages from your Blackberry connected to PC within hardly few clicks of mouse.
  85. Rip CD and convert audio files with accurate metadata.
  86. Recover data from lost or deleted files, formatted drive, or missed partitions.
  87. Create CD or DVD labels and jewel case covers.
  88. Manage MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ibase/Fbird, SQlite, Oracle, MSSQL/MSDE, Access, and other databases.
  89. Turn your favorite songs into karaoke music.
  90. Convert Delphi source code to all C++ compilers.
  91. Enable your applications to acquire images from any TWAIN compatible device.
  92. Transform your DBF files into XLS format.
  93. Search and recover device driver files and copy them to specified locations.
  94. Optimize performance for faster backups, applications, storage & longer computer life proactively.
  95. View, modify, or remove drivers and driver-related information.
  96. Zip file formator.
  97. Capture video directly to your hard drive.
  98. Recover your damaged or deleted files from Disk volumes.
  99. Log your scuba dives, manage dive equipment, and information.
  100. Highlight differences between MS Excel workbooks with color and lists them in a report.


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